Increase the performance life cycle of your pump

Our line of Sundyne HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps features a range of monitoring and measurements tools to help you get the most out of your machine...

SundGard - Motor Monitoring

This microprocessor-based digital load monitor protects against underload and overload conditions caused by dry running, low flow, cavitation and / or magnetic decoupling.

Pressure Containment Shell Surface Temperature Detection

These RTD (PT 100) or thermocouple sensors are permanently mounted tothe containment shell and provide real-time monitoring of the temperature inside the magnetic coupling.  

Liquid Sensing Probe

This instrument is usually installed in conjunction with a secondary control. It provides an early warning of containment shell failure before dangerous quantities of spillage can fill the coupling housing.

Flow & Liquid Detection

These liquid or flow sensors are mounted at the suction or discharge connection and are designed to prevent pump start-up should the pump not be primed. If the system is allowed to run dry, these detection devices will stop the pump and prevent damage to its components.

Pressure Monitoring

This differential pressure switch is piped across the suction and discharge connections, serving to help monitor system pressure.

Automatic Recirculation Control

An automatic recirculation valve is associated with the pump discharge connection, as a means to provide a permanent bypass in the event of system flow fluctuations or a closed discharge valve. However, the automatic recirculation control will not protect against dry running.

Secondary Control

In some process applications, the added benefit of a secondary containment is regarded as essential. Sundyne HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps are outfitted with secondary control devices in order to severely restrict any leakage into the immediate locality. Mechanical devices are fitted to the drive shaft assembly, which can be activated in the unlikely event of containment shell failure. Additionally, the pumps coupling housing is also fitted with gaskets to eliminate any leakage across the joining faces. Several of the devices discussed above may also be fitted to the pump as a means to prevent a failure of this magnitude from happening in the first place.

Vapor Detector

Liquids and / or systems can produce vapor, especially in the event of a malfunction. To prevent this from causing a major problem, Sundyne HMD Kontro pumps have a vapor detector mounted in the back of the containment shell, which will shut the pump down until the problem can be overcome.

Motor Thermistors

To prevent damaging temperature build-up in the event of a system or pump failure, thermistors are embedded in the stator of each Sundyne HMD Kontro pump. These can be linked to a control panel, from which the pump can be turned off or an alarm can be sounded.