Convert Your Sundyne Gearbox Today and Save!

It's like wearin' a new pair of comfortable shoes! Take your sundyne pump or compressor gearbox up a notch. Upgrade it even BEFORE your next scheduled maintenance. Get the enhanced output, reliability and UPTIME ASSURANCE only Sundyne can deliver. Gain peace of mind with genuine OEM quality components, available only from Sundyne. Field assembly is eliminated and your retired gearbox is credited. The gearbox is warranted for 12 months from start up or 18 months from date of shipment.


To learn more about Sundyne upgrades and exchanges, locate and contact the Authorized Service Center nearest you or call us toll free at 1-866-SUNDYNE. To view the complete range of Sundyne offerings, make a selection below.


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Avoid costly downtime today and gain a lifetime of reliability. That's the Sundyne


Highly Engineered Features & Benefits


New Design Features

  1. All shafts in gearbox drive train (input, idler and output shaft) are dynamically balanced to ISO standard 1940 grade 2.5
  2. Tapered alignment bolts with lead in chamfer maintain integrity of original close tolerance gearbox housing thru holes.
  3. New input shaft seal acts as a bearing isolator while the inner sleeve rotates against a stationary outer seal. One standard design for LMV-322/311/331 gearboxes.
  4. Fluoroelastomer O-rings replace gaskets at the gearbox-split lines (Item 936AG).
  5. Tapered land thrust washers develop greater oil wedge to support loads than the traditional flat washers being replaced and are dimensionally interchangeable.
  6. Extended sight glass allows for entrained air to return to the gearbox sump eliminating oil foaming.

New Design Benefits

  1. Improved reliability and extended operating life from reduced noise and vibration.
  2. Maintain alignment and true position of gearbox housings throughout multiple rebuilds and overhauls.
  3. Keeps oil inside the gearbox and prevents water, dust and debris from entering the gearbox. Target design life of 3 to 5 years.
  4. More positive seal to prevent oil weepage during operation.
  5. Higher thrust capacity and lower oil temperatures at the thrust bearing adds safety factor and extends operating life while maintaining bi-directional capability.
  6. Accurate oil level indication at all gearbox oil temperatures and speeds. Prevents overfilling.


For more information on getting started and pricing a service solution, contact your local Sundyne Representative. 


Sundyne Gearbox Exploded View (hover over part for detail)